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Restoring vehicles

Bill Ackroyd, the 'manic mechanic', started Automobills in January 1995.  His aim was to be more than your standard 'garage', he wanted to be associated with restoring classic cars.  He has worked on American classics such as a Lincoln Continental, A Cadillac, as well as a Mustang.  Bill also has worked with British Classics such as, MG's, Triumph TR5's, Wolseley's, Minis, MG Rally Kestrel, as well as the Sunbeam Rapier, Morris 10, the Doctor's Coupe, Ford Mustang, and is currently working on a Triumph GT6.

We have included photo's showing Bill's restoration techniques on the following pages.  To access the pages, simply click on the chosen subject.





Bill usually arranges with the owner of the vehicle how the work will progress.  Several factors come into play, not only the ability to pay for the work as it progresses through the stages leading to the finished article, but how much work requires to be done.  Bill's expertise lies in restoring bodywork, so he has engines and upholstery restored elsewhere using his vast knowledge gained from many years working in the restoration trade.

Some owners like to keep a 'hands-on' approach with their car, and there are welcomed, as long as they realise that the garage is a place of work, and Bill is the boss.

Bill also does other car work such as servicing, gaskets, and brakes.  He has gained an enviable reputation for his work on light commercials up to and including Transit Van size.  In fact much of his work comes from local car sales showrooms, MOT Weldings and light repairs.

So should you need the 'manic mechanic' give him a call on 01668 213 264

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